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Service and repairs are were we started over 26 years ago.
We offer a range of battery storage solutions
We consult with you to explain what we can offer so you can save money.
We analise your energy so we can provide the best system to suit your needs


Mega Watt power is part of the Si Clean Energy family which has had a long history of innovation and creativity in the solar power industry. Over the decades, the Si Group have introduced many new products, techniques and concepts that have become mainstream, and we continue to do so at an increasing rate. Since 1989 Si have believed that “innovative and creative engineering is the bridge to the future” and this continues to drive our passion for technology that improves both efficiency and value for customers.


Electronics engineering is one of our core capabilities, as we believe that knowing what’s inside the box is the only way to ensure our customers receive the best products and technical support service possible.


We believe that getting to know our customers and their needs means fully engaging with people. We focus on learning what our customer challenges are and with dedicated support help our customers do what they do best – installing great solar power systems.


With our partners support we are able to offer full repair and service for the products we offer.


In 2016, we look forward to continuing to bring you the highest quality renewable energy products and services in line with our motto: Quality Products, Quality Engineering, Quality Support.


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Our team of senior solar consultants will analyse your energy consumption to determing the best solution

for your needs

With over 28 years in the renewable industry our passion and dedication for helping our customers to reduce their energy consumption is as

strong as when we

first started  in 1989

Non-warranty service is one of our specialties.

There is no other company

in our area that runs a fully equipped service center to support their customers.



When the best solution is determined the sales team will consult with you to explain in detail the most cost effective way for you to start saving.

You can trust in us to give you the best quality system and solution for your needs.

For energy production

and energy reduction.

Our work speaks for itself with over 1500 systems installed across Australia.

We have been installing solar since 1989.

Explain in detail the most cost effective way for you to start saving
Best solution going foward
Grid-Connected | Battery supported systems
Inverter repairs and support is our passion
Analyse energy consumption to determin the best solution
Over 27 years installing and repairing solar system